Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism: Stories of Personal Transformation

Karcher ( Carolyn L. Karcher )
Rosen ( Rabbi Brant Rosen )
Davis ( Rabbi Michael Davis )
Beinin ( Joel Beinin )
Shohat ( Ella Shohat )
Chetrit ( Sami Shalom Chetrit )
Madmoni-Gerber ( Shoshana Madoni-Gerber )
Harbon ( Claris Harbon )
Cohen ( Ilise Benshushan Cohen )
Surasky ( Cecilie Surasky )
Siegel ( Emily Siegel )
Ruskin ( Tali Ruskin )
Wood ( Charlie Wood )
Gold ( Ariel Gold )
Morrison ( Seth Morrison )
Lorber ( Ben Lorber )
Horowitz ( Yael Horowitz )
Mason ( Moriah Ella Mason )
Habeeb ( Noah Habeeb )
Shevin ( Natalia Dubno Shevin )
Klein ( Mira Klein )
Winsberg ( Rachel Winsberg )
Manes ( Carly Manes )
Wilson-Dalzell ( Jordan Wilson-Dalzell )
Godshall ( Chris Godshall )
Moss-Horowitz ( Eliza Rose Moss-Horowitz )
Rothchild ( Alice Rothchild )
Rosch ( Ned Rosch )
Subar ( Rebecca Subar )
Levy ( Sydney Levy )
Obenzinger ( Hilton Obenzinger )
Feld ( Marjorie N. Feld )
Diner ( Hasia R. Diner )
Schneider ( Cathy Lisa Schneider )
Hess ( Linda Hess )
Cohn ( Marjorie Cohn )
Picciotto ( Henri Picciotto )
Vilkomerson ( Rebecca Vilkomerson )
Wise ( Alissa Wise )
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Personal narratives by forty Jewish activists and scholars. Today Jews face a choice. We can be loyal to the ethical imperatives at the heart of Judaism--love the stranger, pursue justice, and repair the world. Or we can give our unconditional support to the state of Israel. It is a choice between Judaism as a religion and the nationalist ideology of Zionism, which is usurping that religion. In this powerful collection of personal narratives, forty Jews of diverse backgrounds tell a wide range of stories about the roads they have traveled from a Zionist world view to activism in solidarity with Palestinians and Israelis striving to build an inclusive society founded on justice, equality, and peaceful coexistence. Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism will be controversial. Its contributors welcome the long overdue public debate. They want to demolish stereotypes of dissenting Jews as self-hating, traitorous, and anti-Semitic. They want to introduce readers to the large and growing community of Jewish activists who have created organizations such as Jewish Voice for Peace, IfNotNow, and Open Hillel. They want to strengthen alliances with progressives of all faiths. Above all, they want to nurture models of Jewish identity that replace ethnic exclusiveness with solidarity, Zionism with a Judaism once again nourished by a transcendent ethical vision.Contributors include: Joel Beinin; Sami Shalom Chetrit; Ilise Benshushan Cohen; Marjorie Cohn; Rabbi Michael Davis; Hasia R. Diner; Marjorie N. Feld; Chris Godshall; Ariel Gold; Noah Habeeb; Claris Harbon; Linda Hess; Rabbi Linda Holtzman; Yael Horowitz; Carolyn L. Karcher; Mira Klein; Sydney Levy; Ben Lorber; Shoshana Madmoni-Gerber; Carly Manes; Moriah Ella Mason; Seth Morrison; Eliza Rose Moss-Horwitz; Hilton Obenzinger; Henri Picciotto; Ned Rosch; Rabbi Brant Rosen; Alice Rothchild; Tali Ruskin; Cathy Lisa Schneider; Natalia Dubno Shevin; Ella Shohat; Emily Siegel; Rebecca Subar; Cecilie Surasky; Rebecca Vilkomerson; Jordan Wilson-Dalzell; Rachel Winsberg; Rabbi Alissa Wise; Charlie Wood - from Amzon 
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