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  Title Copies
Political Science 111AC: The Politics of Displacement in America (Permaul) 
Edition: Spring 
Year: 2016 
It Was All A Dream 
Year: 2014 
American Quarterly 
Edition: 55/2003  
Volume: 55 
Lagrimas y Cadenas: Chains and Tears  
Tomas Rivera  
PoliEcon 101: Contemporary Political Economy 
Edition: Fall 
Volume: 2 of 2 
Year: 2017 
Inscriptions 7: Enunciating Our Terms: Women of Color in Collaboration and Conflict 
Edition: Center for Cultural Studies UC Santa Cruz 1994  
Aztlan: A Journal of Chicano Studies 
Edition: Number One  
Volume: 42 
Year: 2017 
Geography 130: Food and the Environment (1 of 2) (Sayre) 
Edition: Spring 
Year: 2016