El Mundo Zurdo 5 : selected works from the 2015 meeting of the Society for the Study of Gloria Anzaldúa

Perez ( Domino Renee Perez )
Mercado-López ( Larissa M. Mercado-López )
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Consists of SSGA conference proceedings held May 27-30, 2015, at The University of Texas at Austin.

Introduction / Domino Renee Perez -- Keynote: Dis/appearance as Pedagogical Imperative in Anzaldúa's Theory and Writing / by Marisa Belausteguigoitia -- ANZALDÚAN VISIONS OF HIGHER EDUCATION. How to Tame a Wild Academic: Teaching Anzaldúan Thought in the Polish Context / by Grayna Zygado -- In/civilities of the American Classroom: A Clash between a Chicana Teacher and an Anglocentric School System / by Margaret Cantú-Sánchez -- Teaching Liberatory Chicana/o Studies in the Corporate University / by Linda Heidenreich -- FORGING SPACES OF TEACHING AND LEARNING. Enacting a Critical Pedagogy of Amasamiento in the First-Year Writing Class / by Elizabeth Blomstedt Keating -- Term papers y taquerías: Chicanx nepantleras in graduate study / by Roberto C. Orozco and Estee Hernández -- Reimagining K-12 Education with/through Gloria E. Anzaldúa / by Sylvia Mendoza -- Localizing the Body for Practitioners in Writing Studies / by Yndalecio Isaac Hinojosa -- EPISTEMOLOGIES OF THE BODY/MIND/SPIRIT. The Liminal, the Luminous & the Dark: The Path of Conocimiento and the Dark Night of the Soul / by Carla Wilson -- Dreaming of Adelita: A SWAPA On Spiritual Activism in the Wake of Child Loss / by Nicholas Centino -- Parallel Lives: Seth, Psychic Development, Sri Aurobindo, and Gloria's Soul-Making / by David Hatfield Sparks -- Dos Celias: Race, Gender, and Psychopathology in a Critical Approach to "Ataque de Nervios" / by Sonia Cristina Hart Suárez -- Epistemologies of Emotion: Explorations of Gloria Anzaldúa's La Facultad and Jane Bennett's Enchantment / by Sara Ishii -- ARCHIVES AND TRAJECTORIES OF ANZALDÚAN THOUGHT. Border Dwellers, Lloronas, and Nepantleras: Bridging the Anzaldúa Archive and Mercedes Floresislas's Tamales de Puerco / by Trevor Boffone -- Collective Testimonios: Gloria Anzaldúa's Co-Edited Multi-Genre Identity-Based Anthologies / by Annette Portillo -- Working with Anzaldúa's Writing Notas: An Archival Experiment in Three Parts / by AnaLouise Keating, Kelli Zaytoun, Betsy Dahms -- Marassa and Mestiza Consciousness: Comparing Danticat and Anzaldúa / by Michael Reyes Salas -- Anzaldúa's Unconditional Hospitality / by Cristina Garrigós -- PART CREATIVE MESTIZAJE. Dear Santa / by Veronica Sandoval, Lady Mariposa -- Dónde está mi gente? / by Verónica Solís.  
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